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For a limited time, your first body-field energy scan and consultation are completely FREE (normally $150)

What if cracking the code on your health is easier than you thought?


You are so much more than your bones, skin, and hair. More than chemicals.


You are a being of energy first and foremost. Thousands of years of ancient wisdom have shown us this. 


If you’ve been having difficulties, it’s likely because you haven’t addressed the energy flowing (or not flowing) through your body. It is the absolute base of your health, how you interact with the world and how the world interacts with you.


Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Meridians have explored this energy in your body and discovered blockages in energy (or your Meridians) affect your health.


These blockages can affect your:


  • Energy levels…

  • Immune system…

  • Cardiovascular health…

  • Mood…

  • Stress levels…

Every single system in your body. It’s this energy and how it flows through your body that ultimately affects your health.

Now, that’s been known for thousands of years… and that knowledge hasn’t changed much. But something has catapulted it FAR into the future.

Bringing TCM into the 21st Century… and Beyond

TCM relies on observations and an incredible amount of understanding and experience to understand where energy blockages might be.

The NES Health body-field scanner changes all that.

Decades of research built upon ancient wisdom has led to a device that can scan the energy within your body and accurately pinpoint the energy blockages.

The scanner uses the meridians described in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a base. Then it adds quantum physics and seriously complex coding to find the energy blockages and prioritizes them so you know exactly where you need to start.

The scanner does all this in a matter of seconds using only the pad of a single finger. No needles. No cold metal. 

Your Health Made Visible for You to See

When the scan is complete, we get full-color screens that describe the energy blockages, where they are, and how they’re affecting you. 

In your FREE one-hour consultation, I’ll go over the scan’s findings with you and put you on a path that can truly transform your health.

Today, you can sign up for a consultation absolutely FREE. There’s no initial investment other than your time. Simply pick an available time below to schedule your appointment or call me at (813) 968-5404.

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