Health Consultation

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Health is wealth, and there is no greater gift than improved wellness.

This is exactly why, for a short time only, I am offering a revolutionary healthcare assessment for just $37.



I don’t believe that you need to be poked and prodded with a bunch of cold metal or needles in order to receive a proper health assessment. That is exactly why, during your free consultation, we’ll use the NES Health body-field scanner. This state-of-the-art scanner can assess your health in a matter of seconds — using just the pad of a single finger.

Your health. Made visible.

The NES Health body-field scanner utilizes traditional Chinese medical meridians as a base for its assessment. It then adds quantum physics and complex coding to determine the energy blockages within your body. The scanner even prioritizes the most problematic blockages, that way we can tackle the most imminent health issues first.

Prepare to see a holistic assessment of your health — on your computer screen, in full color.

I’ll point out your energy blockages, explain them to you, and come up with a treatment plan. In just one hour, you will be that much closer to the best version of yourself.

Don’t miss your chance to try what some consider to be the most amazing wellness discovery of the century. Give me a call at (813) 968-5404 or use the form below to sign up for your consultation.

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