Medical Approach

Holistic, Natural, and Conventional Medicine

A major difference between holistic, natural (“alternative”) medicine and conventional allopathic medicine is that natural medicine supports the body in it’s own healing processes, but conventional medicine often interferes with the natural healing processes while attempting to subdue a symptom. This does not mean that the two approaches cannot work together. They most certainly can.

Success of The Natural Therapies

Success of the natural therapies depends greatly upon the patient’s willingness to comply with recommendations and to stay in good communication with the doctor. Also, the patient’s understanding of the healing process is very important, and so questions are encouraged.

Recommendations often include lifestyle changes in diet, exercise and activities of daily living.

Natural medicine prescriptions differ from drug therapies in that the doses are much higher, and the prescriptions may change more frequently. This is because natural medicines are better tolerated by the body as they are not chemicals foreign to what the body can naturally and easily process.

They are not usually toxic until the doses get so astronomically high that they would be impossible to ingest. Only whole food supplements and herbs of the highest purity are used. Often, it is the fillers, binders and preservatives used in vitamins and herbs that can be bought over-the-counter (without a doctor’s prescription) that create the toxic effect, not the actual medicine.

When it comes to natural medicines, you definitely get what you pay for.