I have been a patient of Dr. Morreale’s for 3 years.  As a breast cancer survivor I find peace of mind under her care.  She does a Meridian Stress Analysis that measures whether the body’s systems are balanced, weak or stressed.  This test will show what I have going on at a cellular level, which no conventional tests your medical doctor would prescribe can do. Based on her findings, she prescribes holistic remedies.  I have had headaches from childhood and she has them much diminished at this point.  I am arthritic and find my symptoms are lessened through diet and supplements recommended by Dr. Morreale.  She combines an Eastern approach with a Western to arrive at a very effective balance in her treatment modality.  I will continue to travel to Tampa, Florida, from Virginia 2-3 times annually to see her.  I recommend her to anyone with a serious illness to just wanting to make sure you are balanced as well as possible for optimal health and enjoyment of life!
Mary B in VA

I was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2008 and given one year to live by my oncologist.  The Lord led me to Dr Morreale and her therapy.  I am six years out and Dr. Morreale says my cancer is zero on her scale. Have been cancer free for three years. Her therapy is not easy but we’ll worth it. No chemo. No radiation or surgery very good quality of life over the past six years.
I saw my oncologist last week after five and a half years. He said I don’t know what you are doing, but keep on doing it.
Charles B in VA

I am a 37 year old homeschooling mom to 7 children (ages 2 – 18).  I contacted Dr. Morreale in August of 2013.  At that time, I had been going to a local chiropractor for almost 2 years, and seeing multiple doctors and specialists due to back pain.  My cholesterol was high, and I had recently been diagnosed with adenomyosis.  I was in constant pain.   I had been prescribed pain pills, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds, steroid shots, birth control pills, and a hysterectomy. Dr. Morreale graciously agreed to help me, and immediately ordered blood work and a saliva test.  Shortly thereafter, I began the protocol that has literally changed my life.  Since that time I have experienced a steady improvement. My back pain is almost completely gone, the symptoms of adenomyosis have disappeared, and I feel so much better!  I no longer need any of the prescription meds, nor do I need a hysterectomy.  Dr. Morreale is just the right combination of compassion and professionalism.  She is the first person that I spoke to that looked to the source of my problems, instead of the symptoms.  I highly recommend her services to everyone.

Alana A  in MS

May 1, 2013
This is a testimonial of the excellent care, treatment but most importantly the care that my daughter received from Dr. Morreale on April 23rd.  My daughter was not feeling well over the weekend, by Monday her fever was very high and she was having horrible pain in her head and neck. I called Dr. Morreale and we went to see her that morning.
My daughter described her symptoms to Dr. Morreale and she immediately began adjusting her, especially in the neck area, she checked her lungs and found that there were some issues there as well.
Dr. Morreale began using Electro Dermal Screening on my daughter, this unbelievable machine diagnosis the specific areas of concern. This method of screening is so precise; the instrument used is a direct electrical pathway to the organ where my daughter’s symptoms were originating. The screening determined she had mono, flu and a touch of pneumonia. I did not have to wait for a blood test to come back in 3 days or wait and see if the symptoms become worse and have an antibiotic prescribed. It was an immediate diagnosis with immediate products to make her well.
Through the Electro Dermal Screening Dr. Morreale was able to determine what my daughter would need to take NATURALLY not only to cure her sickness but also to begin to build back up her immune system.
By the time we left Dr. Morreale’s office my daughter’s temperature had gone down, I did not realize that when the neck is adjusted during fever, it brings the fever down!
Dr. Morreale kept in contact with me to see how my daughter was doing, that to me is a true caring doctor. Throughout the week when I had concerns Dr. Morreale was there to direct me on either increasing or decreasing dosage, she immediately responded back. I did not have to wait for a call back she was there.
Dr. Morreale has changed the health of my family in so many positive ways, this particular experience needed to be shared. Dr. Morreale is a dedicated, caring and the most highly intelligent doctors I have ever known. We trust her completely with our health. In this day that is not an easy sentence to say.
Thank you Dr. Morreale for being an excellent doctor and a person who truly cares about people’s health and wellbeing.
Maryanne Y. in FL

Dear Dr. Elena Morreale,
I am writing this letter to let you know how much you have helped me with my path to wellness.  As you know when I came to you 3 months ago I was battling a pseudomonas bacterial infection that had gone systemic.  I was very, very sick and didn’t know where to turn.  You performed the cellular testing on me and we discovered that even though I was treated with 10 days twice a day IV antibiotics the bacteria was still very present in my system.  You prescribed a regime of homeopathic drops, digestive enzymes and other natural methods to eliminate the bacteria.  It took a couple of months for it to be eliminated from my system.  I feel so much better and feel like I have my life back.  You listen to me and work with my schedule, my wants and my needs.  It is a partnership.  You are accessible to assist me through this journey to health.  I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to become healthy the natural way. Thank you, Mary T. in FL
“I began working with Dr. Morreale when I became desperate to alleviate my on-going health concerns. To begin, she conducted the most thorough doctor-patient medical history Q&A I have ever experienced. I was very impressed with her attention to detail and her obvious passion for helping her patients heal.  Dr. Morreale evaluated my overall health based on various aspects such as lifestyle, diet, medical history, symptoms, etc. The information I was asked to discuss encompassed all areas of my life and not just a list of my symptoms. I truly believe in the Integrative medical approach and at that moment I knew I was in good hands. After the Q&A, she performed a thorough exam and Bioenergetic testing to check my energy flow. This was an interesting and enlightening experience. After our initial consultation was complete, she provided her recommendations including a diet, self-care procedures, supplements, and homeopathic remedies, as well as detailed instructions. Within the first month of treatment I felt a noticeable improvement in my health. I have more energy, greatly improved digestion, better urinary health, and a much better attitude about my health and wellness. For a long time I thought I could fix my own issues or rely on medical doctors and invasive tests to solve my problems. I am so glad that I decided to seek the expertise of Dr. Morreale and I look forward to the future improvements I will experience under her guidance and care. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take control of their health.”  Dawn H. in FL

“The medical field spends billions of dollars a year on the recommendation of get diagnosed early, get treated early, live longer!” I said this to my Oncologist, who had just given me a diagnosis of MGUS, which is the first stage of Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer.  One for which is no cure and the life span is two-five years.  My Oncologist had just told me there was no treatment for MGUS.  I could stay in this level for months or 20 years.  It might never become aggressive, which is the point where treatment is generally instituted.  Needless to say, I was scared.  Here was this awful disease in my body, lying-in-wait to complete its betrayal.  That was two years ago.
My husband said we’re not waiting for that to happen.  We had heard of Dr. Morreale from a distant relative whom she had successfully treated for Mesothelioma.  We called Dr. Morreale.  She is just amazing.  She has taught me healthy eating in a way most people do not understand.  There are foods that make the body more susceptible to cancer.  She’s taught me how to avoid them.  She’s increased my immune system to a much stronger system.  I used to “catch” every bug that was going around.  This year my husband and daughter both had the flu and I didn’t get it.  They both also developed an upper respiratory infection.  Again, I didn’t get it.  The immune system helps fight cancer. Mine is stronger, thanks to Dr. Morreale.
I’ve been to the Oncologist every three months for the last two years, until six months ago. Six months ago, the protein bands around my blood cells that identify MGUS and Multiple Myeloma were not identified on my blood work.  So, my Oncologist said I could come back in six months instead of the three.  When the blood work was completed six months later, again no protein bands were identified.  My Oncologist says that doesn’t mean it’s gone, just not identified.  I believe that they’re gone.  I believe Dr. Morreale has been given a gift to understand how disease attacks the body and how to identify what a body needs to fight that disease and to prevent future disease.
I have a litany of many other health issues making treatment for any one thing more difficult.  Dr. Morreale has worked diligently to encompass my treatment around these disease processes as well.  They certainly have been a challenge, one to which Dr. Morreale has met and defeated at every turn.
Dr. Morreale is an incredibly intelligent woman.  Her intelligence supports her learned knowledge.  Together these two things make her a powerful ally in the fight against cancer and many other diseases.
Dr. Morreale is also a very warm and compassionate person.  She takes time with her patients when they are in her office.  She never fails to respond to emails or phone calls from her patients.
I’m thankful for her and would recommend her to anyone for anything.

Rhonda Y. in FL

Imagine if you will going to the bathroom and urinating what looks like pure blood but with no pain like a bladder infection would have with it.  Scary for sure!
So off to See Dr. Morreale to find out what is going on. Found out I had Kidney Stones and of course inflammation.
She gave me homeopathics that began to work fairly quickly.  I had a little discomfort a few times but NO PAIN and in just a few weeks I was clear of the stones and inflammation.
Two people I know who are 20 and 30 years YOUNGER than me had terrible pain and both had to have surgery to recover their kidney stones and it lasted MONTHS not weeks.
They say Dr.’s are to do no harm but I have found with many of my friends that is not true.  Sometimes the cure is nearly as bad as the problem.
No WONDER I CHOOSE DR. Elena Morreale, who uses Natural Ways to help the body heal itself.  Thank YOU SO MUCH.  Dr. Elena.
Kathy B, Tampa, FL

I am happy to give this testimonial for Dr. Elena Morreale. My husband became a patient of hers quite a few years ago now. When he went to see her the first time, he was very sick and had hardly any energy. He also had some major health problems going on that could’ve taken his life. He showed potential for cancer at the cellular level. She put him on a regimen and diet that literally changed his life and the lives of our whole family! After being on her regimen he got strength, health and life back. Also, we put our whole family on the diet and it has been to the betterment of all of us. Dr. Morreale has been there for our whole family in times of sickness and with her expertise walked us through many ailments. We thank you, Dr. Morreale, for being a great doctor and Godsend to my husband, Mark, and to all of us! We recommend all who can to go see Dr. Morreale!

M C , Mississppi

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