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At-Home Scans

Get a Bioenergetic Scan in the Comfort of Your Home

First, let me say that my office is immaculate. It’s thoroughly cleaned between appointments to be consistent with the CDC’s recommendations. This includes anything and everything you might touch while you’re visiting me.

Appointments are timed so there’s no overlapping (though, it does occur from time to time).

That said, you may not want to go anywhere… except the grocery store and to get other essentials. It’s why I offer remote scanning. This way you can still support your health while you’re protecting yourself.

What is Remote Scanning?

Rather than getting your scan in my office, you scan yourself at home with your own scanner. Don’t worry. It’s super easy to set-up and use.

Once your body-field scan is complete, I will review it with you over a Zoom call (or a similar app) and put you on the correct path to help you…

  • Combat the stresses of daily life
  • Support your heart health
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day

…and support nearly every aspect of your health.

How Does the Body-field Scanner Work?

The NES Health body-field scanner utilizes traditional Chinese medical meridians as a base for its assessment. It then adds quantum physics and complex coding to determine the energy blockages within your body. The scanner even prioritizes the most problematic blockages, that way we can tackle the most imminent health issues first.