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Natural Medicines

  • This consists of products taken orally or used topically. They come from the finest sources available and are guaranteed not to be tainted or toxic in any way. 99% of all the products used are available only to physicians and so availability is limited. This, however, ensures greater quality control as the products are not made in large mass quantities for the retail market. Also, there may be contraindications between these and a patient’s condition or a pharmaceutical drug. Therefore, a diagnostic work-up is necessary prior to their prescription.


  • These products are usually in capsules or tablets, and sometimes in powder form. They are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids. Their value is in the repair of injured cells and in the support of biochemical processes that have malfunctioned due to lack of raw materials necessary for those functions.


  • These are mostly in capsules or in liquid form. They are sometimes formed in combination with Nutritionals. They have medicinal value as they cause certain chemical functions to occur. For example, one may decrease an inflammatory reaction, another may thin mucus or decrease mucus production, another may increase liver metabolism, etc. While they are medicinal, they do not typically have the toxic side effects as do all pharmaceuticals.


  • These are products made from natural sources (animal, vegetable or mineral) but created by a specific process which derives the energy pattern of that natural source without actually having the physical molecules present in the medicine. Although this may sound very futuristic, this process was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hanneman in the late 1800’s! This was the medicine doctors typically used prior to the creation of pharmaceutical drugs. There action is to signal the brain to start a certain process in the body. So, these medicines work directly on the nervous system’s control of the body very gently but with profound effects. They come in the form of either an alcohol or water based liquid, or sugar pellets that melt in the mouth.