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Meridian Stress

What Is A Meridian Stress Assessment?

The human body has an incredible ability to heal itself if it is given a chance. In our world today, environmental pollutants, everyday stress, and illnesses are constantly wearing down our bodies. There are many avenues one can choose to enhance the body’s functional health. Meridian Stress Assessment is a procedure that combines Eastern medicine with Western technology. It is performed with the MSA-PRO, a medical testing instrument.

Chiropractor Brandon, FLMeridians are a network of energetic pathways which pass through the tissues and organs of the body. Bioelectric energy, which the Chinese call Qi, travels through the meridians. Acupuncture points provide a window into the meridian system. The MSA-PRO is used to send a slight electrical current into the acupoints on the hands and the feet. This painless procedure measures the energetic properties of each meridian and indicates whether it is balanced, stressed, or weakened. This creates a picture of the body’s state of functional health. The MSA system can then be used to identify remedies that will help the body restore itself to an optimal state of health.

The MSA-PRO system is not a diagnostic tool. The primary purpose of this instrument is to evaluate the energy flow through the body. It is not meant to make a medical diagnosis or replace medical intervention.