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miHealth = Real Health Benefits… Real Fast!
Our miHealth Device is Designed to Support the Body-field

…in directing efficient and accurate activity of the body. In this way, we support the body’s everyday health (and from the comfort of your home)!

When it comes to supporting your health, results are the most important.

Fast results, especially right now, are even better.

That’s why you’ll love to know 88% of participants in a large Outcome Study saw improvement after just one session. (You can find an infographic of the study at the end of this article)

The miHealth device was even featured on the popular and highly regarded US TV program: The Doctors. They explained how it can be used to help reduce muscle pain and more.

That’s just the beginning. The miHealth is one of the most impressive tools you can use to support your health. Though the most common use of the miHealth is to help with pain, the miHealth is incredibly versatile.

So what’s the miHealth?

The miHealth is a handheld bioelectric and body-field device, combining (and improving on) a number of established technologies with our one-of-a-kind information-based technology. The miHealth is as unique as it is powerful and completely revolutionizes these three technologies:

1) PEMF: Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies PEMF has been around for decades and while there’s debate about whether to use strong or weak fields, that’s never been an issue for the miHealth because the PEMF we use is so gentle … and completely different from every other device.

2) TENS: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation TENS units are used to help manage pain, doing so through electrical nerve stimulation, much as the miHealth does.

The problem with traditional TENS is that it effectively works by beating up the nerves until they are numb to the pain sensation.

It doesn’t do anything to correct the problem. That’s why you need an “adaptive” response to nerve stimulation, so you can support the nervous system rather than wearing it out. That’s where SCENAR comes in.

3) SCENAR: Self-Controlled Energy Adaptive Regulation This technology takes TENS to the next level through real-time biofeedback from the nervous system. Many times a second, it automatically adjusts the electrical frequencies it’s exchanging with the nerves.

But miHealth goes beyond traditional SCENAR technology by being the only bioelectric technology we know of to use global scaling, making our biofeedback more precise than anything else on the market. It does this to eight decimal places.

Global scaling makes it possible for SCENAR to use MILLIONS of frequencies, perfectly attuned to your nerves at that moment.

In other words, we go from “roughly” what the body needs to “precisely” what the body needs with our adaptive nerve stimulation.

Why miHealth?

· It is simple, flexible, and customized

· Use it to reduce stress & boost immunity!

· 200+ pre-programmed settings such as: acute balance, after sport, recharge, sleep, chill, EMF, anti-aging, fat, and skin!

Many people are currently using this device to reduce stress & boost immunity! The miHealth can be purchased through a Dr. Morreale.

The miHealth Outcome Study

If the question is: does the miHealth work? The answer is, “Yes.”

In fact, the results are staggering. Quickly scan through the image below to see just how much the miHealth can help, or read through it for the entirety of the details.