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New Study 04-18-2013 Gluthathione A Powerful Detoxifier

A new report published in The Scientific World Journal, entitled: Chelation: harnessing and enhancing heavy metal detoxification-a review, describes the beneficial role glutathione plays as a powerful detoxifier in your body. Dangerous toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury are commonplace. They play no beneficial role in human health; in fact they contribute to chronic renal, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases. So, how do you get these toxic elements out of your body? Glutathione to the rescue!

As the article states, glutathione chelates toxic elements as they are sequestered, transported, and excreted. Although there are pharmaceutical chelators, they also carry a risk of adverse outcomes. However, enhancing natural chelation detoxification pathways by the use of GSH Immunity is a simple, safe, inexpensive intervention that offers the potential to stem the tide of debilitating, expensive chronic disease. Protect you heart, kidneys and brain from the damaging effects of toxic heavy metal poisoning. Take GSH Immunity regularly to optimize your glutathione so that your body naturally keeps those ugly poisons out of your vital organs.